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I Nurcan Yıldırım I was born in 1967 in the Araplı village of Kayseri. I am the second child of a family with four children. After finishing primary school, my dream was to read and become a teacher. I wanted to be both a business owner and a useful person for people. Unfortunately, girls were not allowed to read in the village at that time. It is not late to understand this. In the future, a sewing course was opened in our village, and joining there was the first step in my social life. After getting married, I left the village and settled in the city. I had three children and now I was in town when I was raising my children. I wanted to do something in my spare time. I volunteered at social institutions. I helped them by sewing stitches and making cakes and pies.

When I came to Istanbul, my perspective on life has changed even more. I have seen women do very useful things in business. I wanted to be beneficial to society and I worked in bakery products. I wanted to offer jobs to women who wanted to work like me and spend their free time more useful. For this purpose, I attended the entrepreneurship course. By establishing my own workplace, I wanted to show women what they can accomplish by coming together.

We moved the ravioli from our Kayseri region, which we started to make at home in 2011, to the workshop environment by taking the name “Asiya” upon the intense demand from our environment and neighbors. By preserving the warmth and naturalness of the home environment, like the first day; We developed ourselves using special spices and different flours without any additives. Our aim is to satisfy the ravioli lovers by keeping the ravioli hand-in-hand, in accordance with the original, without disturbing our traditional line, keeping the quality and service at the highest level.


We laid the foundations of Asiya Mantı by opening the dough in our house and selling the ravioli.


We moved our brand named "Asiya" to the workshop environment upon the intense demand from our environment and neighbors.


Today, "Asiya" has become a large bakery product. We try to meet the expectations of our customers by expanding our product range.

Discover the unique taste of Asiya Ravioli!


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Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field