Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust Asiya Mantı?

Yes of course. There are four main topics that we pay attention to in all our products. It is very important for us that our products are fresh, natural, healthy and economical. For this reason, we never use additives in our products. Our ravioli are never kept in the open air. While providing these services, we sell our products at affordable prices in order not to force our customers.

How long can we keep the ravioli in a cold environment?

Our ravioli are kept at a temperature of -18 degrees. With this degree, its service life is 12 months. If you store it in warmer or cooler areas, minor changes may occur in the duration of use.

Are Frozen Ravioli Unhealthy?

When the frozen ravioli and a newly produced ravioli are compared, the nutritional values of these ravioli are almost equal. The ravioli, which are sold openly in the greengrocer or any other area in the market, remain exposed for a long time until they come to the shelves, so their nutritional value drops considerably. For this reason, unlike frozen ravioli, the ravioli kept open are much more harmful.

Can I Cook The Ravioli Waiting In The Freezer As I Made It?

Take your ravioli out of the freezer and wait a while. We recommend that you start cooking after defrosting.

Do You Accept Jobs for Large Organizations?

Please contact us for bulk ravioli sale and organizational works.

Can Distortions Occur in Your Products?

Since our products are frozen at -40 degrees and stored at -18 degrees, no deterioration occurs. If you still have a problem with the product, you can contact us.

Will there be a change of taste or odor in your products waiting in the freezer?

No, you will definitely not encounter such a problem. We carefully perform the process of freezing and storing in freezers. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount.