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History of Ravioli and Ravioli in World Cuisine

What is the History of Ravioli and the place of Ravioli in World Cuisine? Ravioli is undoubtedly an indispensable type of food in the kitchens of every country. It is one of the most satisfying dishes due to its predominantly dough and ground beef. Accordingly, it has been consumed in Turkish and World cuisines for many years. The Turks first met with the ravioli in Central Asia and the Caucasus. According to estimates, ravioli has been consumed by Turks for about 800-1000 years. Ravioli is a food that has reached cultural heritage status for our country. Manti is a dish that first appeared in China. According to the estimates, in the 13th century, Central Asian Turks started to make and eat ravioli by seeing them from the Chinese. In this way, the fame of Mantı extended to Anatolia and started to be loved by the Ottoman Sultans. If we give an example in this regard; Fatih Sultan Mehmet started almost every day with his ravioli. The son of Fatih Sultan Mehmet II. Beyazid was another sultan who loved ravioli. II. Beyazid’s favorite kind of ravioli was steamed. Later, the ravioli started to take its place in the palace kitchens. Turks have continued to consume ravioli since the 13th century. During these years, the regions and cities where the ravioli became popular have emerged in our country. You can find detailed information on this subject in our previous article.

Ravioli in World Cuisine

In fact, ravioli is not a product of Turkish cuisine. Yes, we consume too much, our cultural heritage is so popular that Mantı is not a dish that belongs to Turkish cuisine. We are not the first to consume, we will not be the last to consume, so let’s examine in detail. How do countries consume ravioli? if you’re ready, let’s start.


1.) Bosnia and Herzegovina – Klepe

Known for its proximity to Ottoman cuisine, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ravioli is called Klepe. Bosnia and Herzegovina, which produces very close dishes with Ottoman – Turkish cuisine, uses the ravioli called Klepe without any difference from the ones produced in our region. The biggest difference of Klepe, which is served with plenty of yogurt and sauce, from Kayseri ravioli is that the ravioli are chopped very large. Apart from that, when you look with the naked eye, you will notice the similarity to Kayseri ravioli!

2.) Chinese Ravioli – Baozai

It is one of the countries where Chinese ravioli first appeared. Chinese ravioli is also called Baozai, bao, bau and nunu. It is very different from the ravioli in our region in terms of both preparation and taste. Unlike minced meat, meat and vegetables can also be added into the pasty dough. Chinese ravioli is a kind of steamed ravioli. There are many different preparation techniques of Chinese ravioli. It is known that there are approximately 13 varieties. Optionally, this ration includes; shrimp, scallion, sesame oil, soy sprouts or bitter mustard can also be added.

3.) Taiwan – Ba Wan

We can say that Taiwan ranks first among the countries with the widest variety in ravioli. This is not because Taiwan produces too many types of ravioli, or the ravioli are among the best known countries. This is because you can put anything you want inside the Ba Wan ravioli. The choice is entirely up to the decision of the chief. It is said that it is very difficult to eat a ravioli you eat in Taiwan again in the same place! However, Ravioli is consumed quite a lot in Taiwan. We cannot say “Ba Wan is done this way” because of its diversity. Because of the local or city-specific products, the production of Ba Wan food from shop to shop changes in Taiwan.

4.) Ukrayna – Vareniki

It is a type of ravioli called Vareniki, produced in Ukraine, in a ravioli that is very different from the ravioli produced in Turkish cuisine. Vareniki ravioli produced in Ukraine may seem like a completely different dish considering both the shape and the taste and the ingredients in it. But it is not so. Vareniki is produced using meat, mushrooms, potatoes, green vegetables and cherry. This makes the plate look very colorful. At first glance, people naturally do not want to believe that Vareniki is a kind of ravioli.

5.) United States – Dumpling


Dumpling; It is the word that we can describe ravioli abroad. It is possible to encounter dumpling frequently in the USA and European countries. There are 2 different types of dumpling. The first is prepared by frying and the second by boiling. Boiled Dumpling is usually served with chicken and is frequently consumed in the south of America. Dumpling, which is produced by frying, is used more frequently and in every region.

Ravioli is produced with different names and different side materials in each region. The only thing that does not change in ravioli is the perfect harmony of dough and minced meat. If you want to eat delicious ravioli, you can come to Asiya Mantı. What is the History of Mantı and the place of Mantı in the World Kitchen in this article today? We examined them. You can find more information on our blog. Thank you for reading.


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